• New Product - Facial Recognition

    We announce our partnership with NoahFace and introduce facial recognition to open internal doors. Handsfree, clean areas - no contamination, carrying boxes and even in addition to credentials such as PIN and or Card.

    See NoahFace in action click HERE

    Email query  or NoahFace Website.

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  • Two updates from Lenel

    OnGuard 7.4 and Lenel NVR are Released. Please visit following link for more info.

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  • Securacore now supplier to NSW Whole of Government

    Securacore has been added to the panel suppliers under contract # 1400840 for Security Services. If you are from a Government Department - Enquire now for pricing details and obligations under this contract.

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  • Staff from Securacore will be attending in 2018

    ASIS International Australian National Security Conference 2018

    Click on link below to view full conference brochure: BROCHURE

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