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Professional profile

Since 1999 Securacore has been a service provider of the highest quality electronic security solutions for domestic,commercial, industrial and governmental organisations.

Applying the finest in cutting edge technology and combining this with years of experience in the security and communications fields, Securacore offer a variety of security options to suit all our customers needs.

With a complete range of leading edge products and ervices, Securacore offers solutions in Access Control,CCTV, Intercoms, Personal Duress, Data and 24 hour Back to Base Monitoring.

Dedicated to providing quality products and services we are able to individually tailor each security



Working closely with our clients to establish their needs and priorities, our fully qualified and accredited technicians provide consistent and reliable service.

Having worked for such companies as AON, Catholic Education Office and Harris Technology, we are experienced in a variety of different systems.

Throughout installation, maintenance or monitoring of your system, Securacore strive to attain the complete satisfaction of each client.

Our services

Ranging from 24 hour back to base monitoring or a fully operational CCTV system, our varied services ensure we are able to find a customised security solution for you.

Securacore will take into account all requirements and provide high performance, fully integrated electronic security products and services that are both cost effective and high quality.



Providing a security system that encompasses every need of the client is important to Securacore. That is why we offer a range of options that we can customise to suit you, delivering a quality, reliable security system that provides you with optimal performance.

Closed Circuit Television systems can be used to deter theft and improve safety, providing an unprecedented level of organisation and control. Incorporating the latest in NVR technology, Securacore can provide a CCTV system that is flexible and responsive to the needs of each client.

Our NVR system features include:
recordings that can be triggered by motion detectors, ability to simultaneously display and switch live images on the NVR monitor, high speed searches for images by date and time and long term archiving with back ups to interchangeable media
Our 24 hour back to base monitoring provides peace of mind, protecting your assets against intruders all day, every day.

By using a GSM or Securitel line you are provided with a higher level of security.

Either option automatically alerts our monitoring station in the event of a line failure and fully qualified monitoring room staff are able to respond accordingly.

With the implementation of access control you are able to restrict unauthorised entry into buildings, offices and high security areas, providing optimal protection for your employees, buildings and facilities.

Using fingerprint or smartcard technology, access control moves your security to a higher level, allowing you a greater level of control to secure your assets and solve your security problems cutting the cost of crime against your business.

Every service offered by Securacore can be integrated into one fully functioning security system. No matter what is required, we are able to provide you with services that you can count on.

Our Partners

Securacore has worked hard with Wholesale Suppliers and Manufactures to establish high value relationships that we can leverage on pricing and service. This in turn enables us to deliver better solutions.

Security Management Systems
UTC Fire & Security

UTC Fire & Security is a security solutions provider that covers a wide range of international brands including a local Australian made brand TECOM Challenger.

One of their most renowned brands is Lenel with its flagship security platform OnGuard.

OnGuard integrates CCTV along with Alarm and Access product using an open architecture.

The number one financial institution product TECOM Challenger also has a great foot print in Commercial and Campus style installations being extensively used as product of choice in these sectors also.


IP CCTV Solutions


Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software.

With Milestone, there are three levels of the platform and we can customise a solution that matches current and future needs. Milestone can be expanded in the future, even across multiple sites.
Our expertise is such that we can deliver a solution that is easy to manage and reliable. Milestone has more than 100,000 installation around the world.


As a North American based video management software provider, Genetec is one of the most competitive videoƂ management platforms. They also include an integration to Access Control and have Licence Plate Recognition.



Founded in 2004, Avigilon provides end to end solution with Servers and Cameras.
Avigilon has a suite of innovative video surveillance technologies that are scalable.
As well as Avigilon branded cameras, Avigilon is an open video platform that we can connect other brands of cameras to and take advantage of the abilities of the Avigilon Video Management System.

Access Control Solutions
Electronic Development Sales (EDS)
Through our relationship with EDS, Securacore can offer HID readers with customised configuration to be able to read HID standard and iClass, Motorola and CSN or any combination thereof!

We also have access to the Bluetooth enabled HID readers with options for both client and integrator managed credentials.

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