For Local, State and Federal Government bodies, we are able to provide installation, maintenance and service of all Alarm, Access Control and CCTV Security along with Intercom and PA system. The level of service we provide can be tailored to SLA™s and provide electronic access to our workflow software. This provides the contracts manager with up to the minute information as to the acceptance, technician who has been assigned your job and indeed the actual progress of jobs.

Detailed marked up plans and service records are provided for all jobs. These are then stored for our service technicians to access if required onsite. This speeds up service works and decreases the bother to the contracts manager having to constantly provide plans, information and details to installation / service technicians.
We are experience with the requirements of dealing with Government Departments and are already in the systems to enable purchase orders / work orders being sent to us. Securacore has an excellent track record of designing and delivering projects of varying degrees of complexity both on time and within budget.

Backbone infrastructure and cabling are also a speciality of ours with all types of customers, we can provide cabling including fibre optic cabling within buildings and around campus style installations.